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Harvard University
Columbia University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT]
Northeastern University
Tufts University
University of California, San Diego [UCSD]
University of Massachusetts, Boston [UMB]
Little, Brown & Co. Publishing House
National Institute of Health [NIH]
National Institute of Aging [NIA]
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Nicholas A. Christakis, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.
   Time 100 Most Influential People, Foreign Policy Top 100 Thinkers
James H. Fowler, Ph.D.
   Foreign Policy Top 100 Thinkers, McLaughlin’s ‘Most Original Thinker’
David M. I. Lazer, Ph.D.
   Director of Harvard Program on Networked Governance
Michael Laub, Ph.D.
   Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists & Engineers Recipient
Lawrence Blum, Ph.D.
   Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts & Education at UMB
Adam Beresford, Ph.D.
   Philosophy Professor of Ancient Philosophy, Classical Philology
Baron Vaughn
   Leo Prince in USA’s Fairly Legal, Headlining Comedian
Myq Kaplan
   Last Comic Standing Finalist, iTunes Top 10 Best Comedy Album




+ Fully Customized Web /​ Print /​ Branding Marketing Package
+ Blogs /​ Vlogs /​ Podcasts
+ Video /​ Audio /​ Photoshop Editing & Converting
+ WordPress & WordPress Training
+ eCommerce / Email Marketing
+ Class conscious websites (for slow connections / phones / tablets)
+ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Traffic Consultation
+ Google / iDevice /​ Cross-​​Browser Friendly Multimedia
+ PHP Development
+ Social Networking Consultation /​ Facebook Page Design
+ Document Management (Microsoft Office/Acrobat)
+ Flexible Pricing
+ Special Rates for Non-​​Profits (see below)


MANDY BARDSLEY began developing real estate websites in 2004. In 2008 she became a web designer at Harvard Medical School and the Faculty of Arts & Sciences where she composed sites for Dr. Nicholas A. Christakis, one of the world’s leading experts on social networks & health. WebSiteGeist is currently concepting three integrated sites for Dr. David Lazer, who has appointments at Northeastern University & Harvard Kennedy School. From academics to comics, Mandy enjoys visually connecting a diversity of clients with their demographic, whether it be through the medium of logo, print, or web design.



PHIN (‘Pin’) ORK is a Java & PHP language specialist as well as an accomplished SEO, email marketing, eCommerce, database administration, and Facebook-website integration professional. His expertise ranges from graphic design to writing code to setting up online payment solutions, and his websites boast platforms including but not limited to blogs and eCommerce (online business). Phin’s impressive background in Computer Science & Information Technology (IT) with an emphasis in programming enables WebSiteGeist to build dynamic, streamlined, and powerful sites.


Program on Networked Governance at Harvard Kennedy School of Government
The Lazer Lab at Northeastern University
Official Site of David M. I. Lazer, Ph.D.
Twin City Animal Hospital – Dr. Samuel Yoon
Car Corner (Car Dealership)
Salvation Army (Our Place daycare center for homeless children)
CHAF (non-profit for the homeless in Cambridge, MA) [re-design]
Boston Parkour Academy


WebSiteGeist is the name of this website because was already taken, SiteGeist being an ingenious play on the German word Zeitgeist, the ‘Spirit’ of the Times. The word Geist is where we English speakers derive our word ‘ghost’. It is a complex word, however, meaning both intellect, mind, and reason on the one hand and phantom, soul, and spirit on the other.

We at WebSiteGeist strive to build intelligent, customized, professional websites that capture the especial spirit of each client. Whether it be a one page website — such as this one — or a complex interconnected network of 100 websites with a vast database and thousands of web pages, we can put you in control of your site by logging into a single account — from anywhere.


While we believe in creating beauty on the web, we also believe in contributing to the society in which we are so grateful to live. For every high-end site we build, we also build a website for a non-profit for extremely discounted rates and, when able, for free.

As human beings who are conscious of injustices such as disabling illnesses & homelessness, we at WSG are passionate about volunteering our talents. We are especially interested in non-profit sites that bring awareness to the homeless, rare diseases, children, women’s issues, the bottom 40%, and animal rights. To be considered for our waiting list, email In one paragraph or less tell us your organization’s mission and the percentage of funds that directly reach those in need.

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